Hebrews 10:27

“…but a fearful expectation of judgment, and a fury of fire that will consume the adversaries.”

Here is the conclusion to the proposition in the previous verse. If we go on sinning, having shunned the offering of eternal forgiveness made by Jesus, there is a consequence. As we saw in the previous verse, there is the fact that there will be no further sacrifice offered for our sins. We will face God on the last day with those sins on our shoulders. There will be no means of forgiveness. There will no longer be access to mercy and grace but a fearful expectation of facing God unprepared.

The description of that judgment is not very encouraging. A fury of fire awaits those without the blood of Jesus. It is a consuming fire without end. A constant punishment of sins. This should tell us how much God hates sin. The forgiveness of Jesus tells us how much God loves us. The sin or Jesus is the choice put before us.

Task for Today: Whew! Not much of a choice is it? And yet, all around us, people choose the judgment over Jesus. People choose the fire over grace. What about you? Today, what is your choice? Suppose, just suppose that Jesus came for you today, bringing judgment or heaven. Where do you stand, in the arms of grace or in the face of fire?

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