Hebrews 9:6


“These preparations having thus been made, the priests go regularly into the first section, performing their ritual duties…”

We must keep in mind that the tabernacle was divided into two separate sections or rooms. The first room was the Holy Place. The writer has given us a list of the items in the Holy Place. Through years and years of use, the Hebrew people knew the purpose for each of these items. Obviously, these items were useful in the priests ministering their duties in this room. These priests did not have any business in the Most Holy Place, the second room. Indeed, they were not allowed entrance into that room.

Only the High Priest was allowed in that second room and that on one day of the year only. There is no special point being made in this verse only a reminder that there were two rooms and the first one was limited to the daily ministrations of the priests. Later we will learn that the fact that the first room was still in use indicated limited access to that holy place.

Task for Today: Now would be a good time to find the references to that first room and what took place there and why. Knowing that will help you understand the significance of the priesthood of Jesus. Go back and read the descriptions of the who and what.

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