Hebrews 7:16

“Who has become a priest, not on the basis of a legal requirement concerning bodily descent, but by the power of an indestructible life.”  

The author understands the Jewish argument for the priesthood. He is quick to point out that Jesus is not connected to that argument in the least. The Hebrews lived in a legal derived system of government. Jesus did not. By reason of a new covenant, He was appointed to the priesthood, and that appointment had nothing legal in it. Jesus makes no claim, nor does God that Jesus is appointed a high priest because of his ancestry.

Bodily descent allowed Levites to be priest, but it said nothing about their spiritual character or spiritual qualifications. A new priesthood is announced not based on bodily descent but on the quality of life. All Levitical priests and all Aaronic priests could claim their place as long as they lived, but they were short-lived. The new priesthood established on the model of Melchizedek was established on everlasting life. Only Jesus meets that qualification.

Task for Today: Do you wish a priesthood that provides a short life or an eternal one? Aaron and the next in line offered temporary sacrifices, but Jesus, as the only one in line, offers a permanent sacrifice. Claim the sacrifice of Jesus today. Claim His priesthood, too.

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