Hebrews 7:10

“…for he was still in the loins of his ancestor when Melchizedek met him.”

This is the connection we spoke of between Levi and Melchizedek. Levi paid tithes (in a sense) while still a part of the promise to Abraham. By linking himself to Abraham, Levi links himself to Melchizedek and acknowledges that Melchizedek represents a greater priesthood than he does.

Melchizedek is the shadow of Christ. He is the preview of a completely different priesthood appointed by God. The nature of this priesthood is that it is eternal in scope. It reaches back, and it covers the future. In spite of the seemingly permanent nature of the law and, therefore, the Levitical priesthood, they are in God’s plan a parenthetical statement. Before the Levitical priesthood and the law that gave it is Melchizedek. After the Levitical priesthood and the law is Jesus Christ who is both priest and covenant.

Task for Today: Prepare your thinking to accept the change of covenants. The law given on Mount Sinai ended with the establishment of a new priesthood. With that law went the Ten Commandments along with the Levitical priesthood. Today, if never before, realize that all of the law ended when a part of it ended.  Study and learn the new covenant.

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