Hebrews 6:18

“So that by two unchangeable things, in which it is impossible for God to lie, we who have fled for refuge might have strong encouragement to hold fast to the hope set before us.”

In our world, the thought of something unchangeable is difficult to grasp. We live in flux, and all around us things are shifting and moving. Nothing seems to last, and the rate of change is mind-boggling. Technology updates so fast we feel we are always behind and have to change to keep up.

In our world, the thought of someone who simply never lies and we can trust to never lie seems so impossible that it’s hard to grasp. We are afraid to trust anyone completely, and our society appears to approve lying under various conditions. We need paper documents with signatures and witnesses, and even then we might have to seek truth in the courts.

In our world, there is one thing that is unchangeable. It is the word of God. Whether promise or prediction what God has said is. Regardless of time or circumstances what God has said has not nor will it change.

This claim is true because of the very nature of God. Because He is who He is He cannot lie. He must be true to His own word. What does that mean for us? It means that if we have put ourselves under His protection we need not fear because He will bring to fruition all He has promised.

Task for Today: Relax, you have the strongest encouragement that all will come to pass that is available. You have God’s word. Though all the world forsakes you, lie to you, disappoint you, He will not be unfaithful. Every promise He has made will come true. Count on it without any doubt.

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