Hebrews 6:4

“For it is impossible, in the case of those who have once been enlightened, who have tasted the heavenly gift, and have shared in the Holy Spirit.”

The use of “for” explains why the readers must stay engaged and move on. It is essential that the readers know about what is impossible and why. There are five major considerations in the next two verses. Verse four contains three of the five. We will consider them one at a time. The five seem to me to indicate that Christians are the audience and target of the discussion.

  • They have been enlightened. When we see the word ‘once’ we think of a definite happening. They not only heard the good news, but they believed it. They allowed the message to change their hearts, and because of the knowledge, they gave themselves to Jesus.
  • They have tasted the heavenly gift. What does it mean to taste? Some might want to use it in the sense of “I have a bite.” Looking at the context that does not appear to be the author’s idea. There was no small portion of the gift given. When they ‘tasted’ they partook. The heavenly gift became theirs. Once they obeyed the good news and were changed from old to new, they received the heavenly gift; not some but all of it.
  • They have shared in the Holy Spirit. Again, shared is not indicative of partial use. They had not received a small piece of the Holy Spirit in their inner man. The gift of the Spirit was the Spirit. The Holy Spirit resides in all Christians. No one got more or less.

Task for Today: if you fall in these three categories, then you are admonished to not fall back. You are further admonished to move ahead. Today, renew your faith. Make a conscious effort to increase your faith. You have knowledge the world doesn’t. You have a gift the world doesn’t, and you have the Holy Spirit in your life. Build daily on that platform.

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