Hebrews 5:6

“…as he says also in another place, ‘You are a priest forever, after the order of Melchizedek.’”

No reference is cited, and none is needed for the book’s audience. They know the psalms. They read them and sing them and pray from them. The psalms are a part of their religious life. Like we know the words to “a million songs,” they know the words to the psalms. No doubt we have missed a great personal enrichment by not learning the psalms by heart.

One of the reasons that the priesthood of Jesus is superior to that of Aaron is that it is forever rather than a lifespan. As long as our need for a high priest exists, Jesus will serve. As the resurrected high priest, He serves on the other side of death. He is like Melchizedek in that Melchizedek’s priestly order was singular. He was the only high priest of the order, and in that sense, it endures forever. So is Jesus, such a high priest. No priest before or after Him. He stands alone as a priestly order, exactly like Melchizedek.

Task for Today: Recognize that you have a unique high priest who has appeared before the throne of God in your behalf. Send all your prayers of sacrifice through Him. Go boldly before the throne of God because your high priest has opened the way for you through His death and resurrection.

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