Hebrews 3:19

“So we see that they were unable to enter because of unbelief.”

This is the point being made by the writer all along. Disobedience is a result of not truly believing in God. The reason the stated people missed out on God’s promise wasn’t because God was unable to deliver on His promise. The reason the people missed out on God’s promise wasn’t that God did not love them or care for them. Those who died in the wilderness rather than see the land across the Jordan did so because of a lack of trust in the word of God. That lack of trust led them to refuse to follow that word and choose their own way instead.

This kind of unbelief is prevalent in our world today. All around us, we find people who claim to believe in the true God of heaven but who live in disobedience to His word. They do not trust Him with their life or their souls. They live in rebellion to God’s commands, choosing instead what they deem as a better way. Either heaven is unreal to them, or they think God will allow them in His rest in spite of their disobedience. These people need to read the third chapter of Hebrews, don’t they?

Task for Today: Don’t allow your desire for the earth and earthly things to cloud your vision of heaven. Don’t be fooled into thinking you can have the world now and then be rewarded with heaven later. Today set your eyes on God’s promised rest. Make heaven your goal. Today make a greater effort to live a life of trust in God and not this world.

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