Hebrews 3:16

“For who were those who heard and yet rebelled? Was it not all those who left Egypt led by Moses?”

You may be thinking, “I get it, I get it,” but obviously the writer of Hebrews knows that many do not get it. Many then and many now think that they can take the goodness of God and at the same time, refuse to give Him their hearts. Make no mistake, the problem with the Israelites was not just that they didn’t do as told but rather that they were rebellious in not doing it. Their hearts were closed to God, hardened by their disbelief in the very nature of God.

Those who followed Moses out of Egypt and across the divided waters of the Sea did so after witnessing the power and might of the Almighty God. Again, and again, He demonstrated His power and His care for them. Their disobedience is without excuse, and because of it, they missed out on the very thing God led them out to achieve.

Make no mistake, the problem with men today is not just that they fail to do as God requires but like the Israelites before them, they fail to give God their hearts. As time goes by those hearts become harder and harder until like the Israelites before them, they are in total rebellion. That being the case, they will miss out on the eternal rest promised by God. His wrath for modern-day man will be the same as it was for those of ancient days.

Task for Today: Do a personal heart check. Are you obeying because of the fear of death or the promise of life or because your heart belongs to God? There is an important distinction between obedience and heart-driven trust in God. Today give your heart to God, totally and completely. Surrender your whole being to Him.

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