Hebrews 3:4

“(For every house is built by someone, but the builder of all things is God.)”

   We must hear what the writer is telling us here. Jesus was not just a man. Jesus built the house of God and He built everything else. Remember the first few verses of the book? Jesus is the creator of all things and holds them all up by His power. The builder of all things is God. Jesus is the builder of all things. He is the creator we read about in Genesis and in the Gospel of John. Nothing that was made was made without Him. That’s John’s statement about who the Word that became flesh was. The Word was Jesus and the Word was God.

The Hebrews to whom this book was written evidently had forgotten who Jesus really was. There were many false teachers who dismissed the deity of Jesus. Jewish leaders who became Christians were being lured back into Judaism. This book is determined to prove that to be a wrong path to follow.

In the same way, the book should convince us who would have been gentiles at that time that all the things we want to follow lead us down the wrong path. It is a mistake to treat Jesus as a baby in a manger or a dying man on a cross. Those are sentimental images but they miss the true Jesus. The man born and laid in a manager was actually the creator of the universe. The man on the middle cross wasn’t a failed Messiah but God’s true Son, thus God Himself.

Task for Today: Don’t lose sight of who the builder is. Don’t worship a baby in a manger or a dying teacher on the cross. Worship Jesus for who He truly is. Give glory to Jesus not as a resurrected teacher but as the living Christ, the true God of heaven. Don’t treat Jesus like His Apostles and disciples did prior to His ascension. Bow down before Him today and confess Him as Lord.

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