Hebrews 2:2

“For since the message declared by angels proved to be reliable and every transgression or disobedience received a just retribution…”

Our writer is not throwing the Law under the bus to use a modern expression. He upholds the validity of the law and the rightness of the law. It was satisfactory while it was invoked. God gave it and held the recipients accountable for its message. It pointed out transgression and made disobedience known. It also provided punishment for those transgressions. The write is not denying the validity of the law given by angels and is in this verse is reminding his reading audience that they were held accountable by that law even though it was administered by angelic beings and not the Son of God.

He is subtlety reminding the Hebrew Christians that the old law is gone away and has been replaced by one that is better. If the old one was useful but inferior, then it stands to reason that the new one which is superior is more useful and will do beyond what the old could do. In particular, as we shall we discover later, it brings a lasting peace between man and God.

Task for Today: More than likely, you never lived under the Old Law (covenant), but it is likely that you have studied it and know that the writer of Hebrews is telling the truth. It was reliable, and it did point out sin. Today, make the jump to understanding that the New Law (covenant), has the answer for that sin. This is very important,” and before the day is over, you should assure yourself that God has through the grace of His Son provided the answer for your personal sin.

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