Hebrews 2:1

“Therefore we must pay much closer attention to what we have heard, lest we drift away from it.”

What is the therefore in this verse? It is the point the writer used the first fourteen verses making. First, the old law was given by angels, the new law by the Son of God. Secondly, the Son of God is superior to the angels. Because the new law was given by the Son of God, then it is incumbent on the readers of Hebrews to pay more attention to the word given by the Son than they did to the word given by angels.

The Jewish Christians had a long history of living under the old law. Their customs and daily habits had been formed under the teachings of that law. Even though they accepted Christ and became his disciples, they found it difficult to totally put it out of their thinking and life. Living among other Jews, they would be tempted to slip back into their old way of life. The writer is encouraging them not to do that and to recognize the danger that it presents.

Task for Today: Even though you may not be a Jewish Christian that doesn’t mean that you are not in danger of drifting or sliding away from your walk with Christ. Determine today that you will not let anything or anyone pull you away from Jesus and His teachings. If you feel that drift then immerse yourself in the word of God. Read and study as you have not done in a long time. Determine today that you will spend more time reading the scriptures.

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