Psalm 144:3

“O Lord, what is man that you regard him, or the son of man that you think of him?” (Psalm 144:3)

Forget for a minute that you have heard this verse in connection with the coming of the Messiah and ask the question for yourself. Phrase it this way, “O Lord what am I that you care about me? Why do you even think about me and my life?” While you’re waiting for the answer, why not try to answer the question for God? What is there about you should cause God to pay you any attention among the billion or so other people? What are you doing that should catch God’s attention?

Who do you think can come up with the best answer? Have you found a good one yet? Is it because you are better than others, or is it because you are worse? Is it your wealth or poverty, your knowledge or ignorance?  Could He regard you because of the great deeds you have done in the world or because you are so inept and lazy?

If you came up with a good and logical reason within yourself, you are way ahead of me. I don’t think God notices me because of me or anything about me. I don’t think God thinks of me because of my wonderful life and good deeds. I think it’s because this is who God is. God is an observer and a thinker and thus regards what He made, and since He made the world for that creation, He must think about it.

Task for Today: As worthless as you are, God loves you. Rejoice in that knowledge. God regards you and thinks about you to do you good; to help you have all you can have. Yield to Him today and thank Him for that love. Walk with your head up; God knows who you are.


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