Psalm 138:6

“For though the Lord is high, he regards the lowly, but the haughty he knows from afar.” (Psalm 138:6)

God’s power, His intelligence, His wisdom, His position of ruler of the earth and heavens do not make him conceited. God does not turn His back on us or snub us because we are so lowly. The opposite is true the psalmist says; God shares his power, his knowledge and wisdom with the creatures of His creation. 

He loves us in our lowly state rather than being turned off. The haughty, whom He knows so well, are offended by anyone they deem inferior to them. Because of their false bravado and a desire to think they are more than they are God has His eye on them. They stand out to God, and He knows them even in the great distance they have tried to create.

The language here suggests that while God appreciates the lowly, He doesn’t think so much of the haughty. God has no reason to be proud because He is what He is. He didn’t work and build Himself up. He didn’t overcome great obstacles and raise Himself from the lowest ring of human existence. That’s what man wants to do, and it is precisely what man cannot do. Lifting up and lowering is all in the hands of God. We can’t add a day to our lives nor can we personally change our status as disobedience servants.

Task for Today: You are better off today accepting who you are and letting God make you what He wants you to be than trying to work your way up on your own and come under God’s radar. As lowly as you can go on the human totem pole you will still be regarded as worthy of God’s Son’s death. Think about that.


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