Psalm 114:7

“Tremble, O earth, at the presence of the Lord, at the presence of the God of Jacob.” (Psalm 114:7)

All of creation obeys God except man. Think about it. Seas obey Him as do the mountains and hills. Rocks become water, springs that gush from the hardness of flint. If mankind would pay attention to these things, they might change their unwillingness to obey the Creator of all things, including themselves. They should tremble at the power and majesty of God, the maker of all things.

All of creation is subject to God’s commands, and all of creation will obey those commands, or they will tremble at His wrath. Praise God is the theme of the created world and the failure of mankind to render God the proper praise He deserves will cost them eternal blessings.

Amazing isn’t it when you look at Israel and all the wonderful things God did for them and then see their reaction. Instead, they turned to false gods, idols who never created anything nor did anything for them. Pretend deities that could not move seas, rivers, or mountains much less bring water out of rocks, springs from flint. What were they thinking?

Task for Today: Disown any god but the true God of creation. The God that stilled the sea and brought the whirlwind raised the dead. Tremble in His presence. Know in your heart that He is not only the one who created the world but the one who will destroy it. Praise Him for life, not this one but the eternal one.


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