Psalm 109:22

“For I am poor and needy, and my heart is stricken within me.” (Psalm 109:22)

Contrast this verse with the one we looked at in Psalm 108. That contrast will help us understand how David could write what he did in Psalm 108. He sees God exalted because he sees himself as he truly is. David became a very rich man as well as a man of great power, but in spite of that, he never lost sight of who he saw in the mirror.

Sometimes, especially when we are successful or find ourselves above the rest of the world in wealth or knowledge or position, we begin to think of ourselves as something we are not. Like the Pharisee of Jesus’ story, we want to brag that we are not like other men. We look in the mirror, and we see a reflexion of our imagination rather than the truth. Burns wrote, “Oh that God the gift would give us to see ourselves as others see us.”  We might be more honest to say, “I know who I really am deep inside.”

Stricken hearts are hard to come by these days. Maybe they always have been. Repentance has not been one of our favorite activities. We would rather think of our virtues than our sins; how we look on the outside rather than within. Every now and then it would do us good to be like David and see the real us. If we did, it would leave us with a stricken heart.

Task for Today: Find a private place. Using the perfect mirror take a good look at the inside you. Forget for a moment all your accomplishments and good deeds. Compare yourself with the perfect God who made you. Realizing you are poor and needy is the first step to riches and fulfillment. When you know how your heart is, God can change it. Let Him remake you today.

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