Psalm 97:6

“The heavens proclaim His righteousness and all the peoples see his glory.” (Psalm 97:6)

No matter how powerful a telescope scientist create, they cannot see to the end of the universe. As far as they know, it goes on forever. They have theories but no explanation for its size or scope and certainly no explanation for its existence. They have determined that it began rather than having always existed but how did it begin is beyond their knowledge. The only one who knows the answer to that question is the one who created it.

The heavens are so vast that we lack the ability to comprehend its vastness. We are at a loss to explain its existence much less its reason for existence. The psalmist says that the heavens proclaim the righteousness of God. They demonstrate His glory, His power, His majesty. All people see the glory of the heavens, but not all see God in the heavens. Too bad.

Everything made glorifies the maker except mankind. They alone deny His presence and power. Mankind knows that the creation is greater than himself, but he can’t make himself say, “I am inferior to the creative one.”

Task for Today: Go out and see the sky. Find a good place to see the heavens at night and ask yourself, “How did that come about?” See if your heart is arrogant enough to say, “Accident.” No, see the glory of God instead. When it dawns on you that the heavens declare the glory of God fall down and worship Him.


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