Psalm 95:5

“The sea is his, for he made it, and his hands formed the dry land.”(Psalm 95:5)

This psalm is all about the greatness of God. It’s about singing praises to Him because of His greatness. For the writer of the psalm that greatness is manifested in the creative powers of the Almighty.  Nothing speaks to the majesty of God like the created world. This and other psalms extol the greatness of the creation and created. The psalmists see a connection of the creation to the creator that we have not quite grasped.

The sea is God’s because the sea is His creation. That implies a great deal. Fresh water runs into the sea, but it keeps its saltiness. Water is drawn up from the sea, but its shores maintain their borders. The number of creatures in the sea is staggering as is the variety of creatures that live there. Yet, there is never an imbalance among those myriads of species that dwell in the salt water.

And, there is the land. Complicated in structure and composed of an unbelievable number of parts. Such diversity of earth cries for more than an accident. No the earth itself illustrates the hands of a creator. Its depths and its heights, again so diverse as to decry the idea of accident. Its composure of a variety of components and its diversity as to form suggests more than an accident. No, the psalmist sees the hand of God in every part of the land.

Task for Today: Rejoice in the world around you. Its beauty is no accident. Its form didn’t just happen. Sing praises to God for His creation unfolding in every direction. Make a joyful noise, a noise that overcomes the skepticism of man. Take joy in knowing that the world is from God and so, therefore, are you.

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