Psalm 92:2

“…to declare your steadfast love in the morning and your faithfulness by night.” (Psalm 92:2)

This is a song of good things to do. A morning verse and an evening verse. In the morning we begin the day thinking about the love of God. Some humans have great love, but it may vary from time to time. God’s love never varies. He loves us so much that He traded His son’s death for ours. The ultimate love comes from God, and it is new every morning. Day unto day God continues His supreme love. All promises are ours because of that love. All forgiveness is ours because of that love. The love of God cleanses us over and over; His very nature is to be longsuffering to His people.

This song has a verse for the end of day as well as the beginning. At night we end our day of love with the understanding that God will be faithful to us during the darkness. We will sleep, but God will be awake. We will be vulnerable but God will stand over us and protect us.

For these two reasons, we should give thanks to God and praise His name in song. The world needs to know these two things about God, and it is our job to tell the world. Preaching the good news of God’s love and faithfulness is a primary task of Christians.

Task for Today: First, make sure you are personally thinking about the steadfast love of God when you start the day. Second, when you lie down, claim the faithfulness of God to watch over you through the night. Give your soul, your eternal self, to God who loves you and will see that soul home to live with Him.

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