Psalm 56

“In God I trust; I shall not be afraid. What can man do to me?” (Psalm 57:11)

This verse has three components, doesn’t it? Easy to see the pattern here. No mystery except the ones we make. We are so familiar with the first statement because it is all around us in the United States. Our government was founded on the truth of the statement, and the citizens of the nation founded on that truth have long held to its validity.

There is so little to trust in today. Banks may wear the name, but we found that they can’t be trusted. We would hesitate to put money in one that wasn’t insured by the government but now we are losing trust in the government. Perhaps that is because the government no longer trusts in God. If we lose the principle of trusting in God, then we will be on our own with no recourse but ourselves.

With the lack of trust in God comes fear. Many people live in countries that do not trust in God, and the result is that those people live in fear. The world sees the United States as a place of freedom, and it is as long as it trusts in God. The same could be said for us as individuals. To live without fear is to trust in God. As long as you trust Him, no lasting harm will come to you.

It is, perhaps, the last statement in the verse that concerns us. We realize that there are lots of things that men can do to us. There are lots of things done to people around the world every day. Mankind is capable of doing all sorts of terrible things to mankind. We know that so what is the meaning of this verse?

This verse is really about the true meaning of life. God gives us eternal life and no man can take that from us. Man may cause us pain and grief and even end our physical life, but he cannot touch our spirit which is guarded by God. What we really have to fear is a God whom we don’t trust and thus don’t obey.

Task for Today: Trust God and lose your fear. Nothing can take away the blessings and gifts of God. You have God’s word that He will keep every promise He has made to you.

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