Psalm 48:1

“Great is the Lord and greatly to be praised in the city of our God! His holy mountain, beautiful in elevation, is the joy of all the earth, Mount Zion, in the far north, the city of the great King. (Psalm 48:1)

The temple built by Solomon was beautiful to the human eye, made with the finest of human materials. The temple began by Zerubbabel and almost completed by Herod was also a wondrous sight, but both were physical and only representative of the true Mount Zion which is spiritual and can’t be visualized in the same way. The true temple of God is the real joy of the earth because it is the eternal, heavenly, spiritual home of God.

That God never intended these two temples or any other man-made buildings to be His true home is evident in that He allowed both of them to be destroyed by non-believing nations. Had God wanted the temples to be His true abiding place that would never have happened. Nothing occurs on this planet or in the vast heavens without His expressed permission. God’s home has always been off the earth. It existed before the earth was created and will continue to exist after earth is terminated.

Just as Abraham looked for a city without foundations, not on this earth so we too should seek the kingdom of God and His holy temple elsewhere. Those in the kingdom and the temple of God are not physical but spiritual in nature. When Jesus went back to the throne room of God He left the earth to do so. When earth-time is over He will come back and take the saints to that home to be with God forever.

Task for Today: Don’t set your sights on things of this earth no any of its beauty. The true city of God is not on this earth nor will it ever be. The true temple of God is spiritual, not physical and can’t be found on some physical mountain in Palestine. This world is not your home, and neither is it God’s. Look for the city built by God and not man. Look for the city without stone foundations. Don’t be satisfied with treasures or temples on this planet.

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