Psalm 38

“I confess my iniquity; I am sorry for my sin.” (Psalm 38:18)

This psalm is from David and appears to be his lament that God has somehow forsaken him. In the midst of turmoil, beset by enemies, David feels a need for the merciful presence of God. He recognizes that the problem is not God but David and the psalm is meant to detail is anguish his behavior has reaped.

David sees the enemies he is surrounded by as being stronger than he is because God is not with him. He also knows the reason that he is missing God’s strength; it is his behavior. He says he is unhealthy because of sin and that his iniquities are like a heavy burden, too heavy to bear. We are not surprised to hear that he has tumult in his heart.

What can David do? What can anyone do when they feel the burden of sin and iniquity? What can be done about the despair of missing the presence of God? The answer in scripture is to turn to the one you have sinned against. Confess and repent. These are the magical deeds that change the relationship. David knew this, and all of us should know it.

God doesn’t want anyone to perish but for everyone to come to repentance. Confession and repentance are required steps. Confession follows belief and repentance follows confession. Baptism follows repentance and salvation follows baptism. All of these are necessary to salvation. Belief is required for salvation, so those who believe are to be saved. Confession is required for salvation, and so those who confess are to be saved. Repentance is required for salvation, and so all who repent are to be saved. Baptism is required for salvation, and so all who are baptized are to be saved.

Those who believe, confess, repent and are baptized are saved. Not just belief and not just confession and not just repentance and not just baptism but all of these are necessary. Those who want to quit at believing are stopping short. These four things are requirements. David did what was required of him at that time.

Task for Today: Do what God requires of you at this time. The New Testament time. Do you believe? If not, you must believe that God is who He says He is. Have you confessed Him to the world? If not, then do so. Are you repentant of your sinful life? If not, then turn around and change your way of life. Have you been baptized? If not, then why tarry. Like Paul, arise and be baptized.

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