Psalm 25

“Good and upright is the Lord; therefore he instructs sinners in the way.” (Psalm 25:8)

This verse reminds us that blind guides lead us into ditches. It also reminds us that sinners are lost when left to their own direction. Isaiah tells us that man can’t direct his own way. The Bible is a catalog of what happens when mankind tries to find the way alone. This verse may also be suggesting that no other human can provide that instruction.

It is a mistake to put our faith in the leadership of men. Preachers, ministers, and even pastors are not always good and upright. They can’t be because they are human. They may be able to quote more scripture and give encouragement to the saints to keep the words of the Word, but they are not God.

God is qualified to instruct sinners because He is good. That doesn’t mean that God is good some of the time or once in a while. No, God is good all the time. One hundred percent. Not only that but keep in mind that God is the one who designed the way. God knows the way because it is His way.

The most important book in the world is the one written by God. The Hebrew writer says that God intends to write His word on the hearts of His people. No earthly teacher can do that. Earthly teachers may remind us of what God has written, but they can only give their interpretation of what God meant. For that you need God.

Task for Today: Read the book for yourself. Listen to the voice of God. Be a Berean and check everything you hear instructors say. Ask, does this agree with God? There are false teachers in the world. Some are false on purpose, and some are false because they listened to others rather than God. Your soul is too precious to rely on any man or woman as your instructor. Know the truth, God is truth.


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