Psalm 8

“O Lord, our Lord, how majestic is your name in all the earth! You have set your glory above the heavens.” (Psalm 8:1)

This verse makes one think of Isaiah 6:1-3. The Lord high and lifted up and the whole earth full of His glory. God is high, and He is majestic. The entire earth is filled with the glory of God, and His works are beyond our understanding. There is no place one can go and not see the majesty of God. His works are all around us, and they leave us without adequate words to describe them.

God has left His handprint on the world. Everywhere He has left an impression of His power and might. Still, people see the evidence and deny His presence. They call the work of God an accident, a freak feature of science. They attempt to explain everything but they can’t. There is the handiwork of God in the universe that is not explainable.  Those who reject the idea of God can only say it happened. It just happened. There was nothing, and then there was something, and from that, something came everything. They accept a creation but deny a creator. They like the idea of chance regardless of how much of a chance there was.

God has set His glory in the heavens as well as on the earth. The larger our telescopes and the broader our knowledge, the less we know. The heavens are too big for us to fathom. That’s because the God who created them is larger than they are and beyond human keen. The mathematics of the universe defy the understanding of man.  How is it possible? We don’t know. We know it is precise beyond the imagination of the most learned scientist. A lucky accident they tell us because there are only two explanations.

Task for Today: Examine the sky at night. Look at the amazing things around you. We have billions of life forms which all perform in precision, year after year. See God. He is all around you. Give Him the glory.

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