Paid Teachers?

“One who is taught the word must share all good things with the one who teaches.” (Gal. 6:6)

Paul changes the subject and now is addressing the concept of providing for the means of spreading the gospel. It may seem odd in a way since Paul was not interested in taking a salary but chose to earn his own way, but Paul is speaking of a principle. Those who have to work all day to earn their living will have reduced time to teach. Students who have the benefit of teaching should see that the teacher is taken care of.

Today we may see this as an abuse. Many evangelists of our time live far above the level of their students. As millions pour into their coffers, they hide behind this verse, but they are mistaken in doing so. Paul is not advocating enriching gospel teachers, but rather making it possible for them to provide for themselves and their families and still be able to teach. Taking advantage of the poor is not new and is severely criticized by God.

Those who provide and those who are provided for have a responsibility to do that which is right. Churches must be sure they are taking care of the basic needs of their ministers so that they do not have to worry about financial matters and can concentrate on spreading the gospel. Ministers who receive this provision must be sure they are not taking advantage of the church. The purpose of sharing all good things is not to make the one who teaches rich. It is not to provide all the luxuries of life or provide easy street.

Task for Today: If you are a student make sure you are providing for the teacher. If you are a teacher make sure you are not taking advantage of the student.

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