Who are You?

“And so brothers, we are not children of the slave but of the free woman.” (Gal. 4:31)

Whether Jew or Gentile the Galatians have no business with the law as a means of their salvation. They have been called by Christ through the process of grace. Salvation by law makes no sense because God has offered salvation by grace. Salvation by law turned out to be an impossibility for anyone since justification and righteousness were not available under the law.

The Galatians must remember which system gave them birth as children of God. Was it the law, Paul asked or was it grace? Did it come by flesh or Spirit, Paul wants to know. What brought them to Christ, was it the law or was it faith? The promise, by law or grace?  Over and over this has been Paul’s argument.

He answers all his questions by saying we are children of the free woman who represents the grace of God. The Galatians had forgotten whose children they were. Many in our time have left home at adulthood and quickly forgotten where they came from. They act as if someone else were their parents other than the Godly ones who raised them. This makes the parents sad and I’m sure since Paul was feeling like a parent to the Galatians that their willingness to change their identity was a source of sorrow.

This leads him to remind them of who their real savior was and it wasn’t works of the law but faith producing grace. Slavery or freedom seems to be an easy choice. Yet here again many today choose the route of slavery rather than the freedom in Christ. People seem determined to work out their salvation with works of law rather than relying on grace.

It is important to know who we are. To know our history, especially our history of salvation. Paul has tried very hard to convince the Galatian churches that their salvation history is one of grace and not law. He has used every type of example and word choice to prove that point. These people understand slavery in a way we never can. It is foolishness to Paul for anyone to choose to be in slavery especially after they have been set free.

Task for Today: What is your salvation history? Were you saved by faith that brought grace? Then you are also from the free woman. Live in that freedom today. Call others out of slavery. Do not return to a life of works of law. Live in grace. Grace has set you free and grace will keep you free. Obey the commands of Jesus out of love, not for gain.

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