The Guardian is Gone

“But now that faith has come, we are no longer under a guardian,” (Gal. 3:25)

Simple enough statement. Yet, even today, long after the church was composed of a large number of Jewish born brethren, Christians still want to order their lives after the teachings of the law. Recently a Christian judge got into trouble because of having the Ten Commandments on his wall. Many other Christians were outraged that he was forced to remove it. Why would Christians care other than it represented something to do with the Bible? Better yet, why should Christians care if anyone removed the basis of the law from their wall when Jesus had already removed it from its place of guardianship, personally nailing it to a cross? The law, including the Ten Commandments, is no longer valid for the children of God.

When the Christian reads the sermons of Jesus he or she finds a long list of commands from the law that Jesus reinterprets. Why does He do that? It is because living by faith is much more demanding on the heart than the law ever was. Adultery was a serious sin under the law but Jesus says thinking it is the same as doing it. No, the guardian is gone. The guardian was replaced. Moses was replaced by Messiah. The giver of the law by the giver of grace. We don’t need a guardian to bring us to Jesus, we just need faith.

We are called to be disciples of the Lord Jesus Christ not by the demands of the law but by the gifts of grace through faith. Faith has come. Abrahamic faith is here today. We can believe and obey exactly like Abraham did and we then will become children of the promise just like he was. Read this verse carefully. Memorize it. When you are told to just obey the Ten Commandments or any other part of the law, quote it. Have to keep the Sabbath? No, we live under the promise of faith not the Law of Moses. Offer sacrifices? No, we live under the promise of faith not the Law of Moses.

Looking for a guide on daily living? Why look at one that is outdated and superseded? Why not check out instead the teachings of Jesus and His apostles on how to live the Christian life?

Task for Today:  Rejoice in the Lord that the killing power of the law is gone. Accept the new Moses and his law of love. Forget the old covenant of the blood of bulls and rams and become a part of the new covenant which Jesus purchased with His own blood. Faith truly is the victory that overcomes the world.

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