First Review

The first official review of my new book “To the Faithful Saints at Ephesus” has arrived. If you love the book of Ephesians I hope you will give the commentary a look over. Here is the review:

Philip Dampier’s commentary To the Faithful Saints in Ephesus is a unique commentary on a book that has baffled scholars for years. Philip skillfully works his way through the complicated material of Ephesians and presents it in a way that one can understand. The greatest benefit of this commentary is that it will be a blessing to every stratum of the church from the most skilled biblical scholar to the new Christian. This commentary is short and concise, and it does not shy away from issues that need to be challenged in the contemporary church. I recommend this commentary to the preacher that wants to develop sermon material, the Bible class teacher that needs class material, or the person wanting good devotional reading for personal spiritual growth. I highly commend this commentary to you and your church.

Chris Jones – M.A. New Testament and PhD student

Lead Minister

Westgate Church of Christ

Dothan, AL


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