Rendering Service

“With good will render service as to the Lord, and not to men.” (Eph. 6:7)

Goodwill is defined as friendly, kind or helpful. More than likely we have all benefited from someone’s goodwill. We may also have encountered the opposite attitude. Given a choice, there’s no doubt which kind of service we would prefer to receive. Which should give us an idea of the kind of service we should give.

Christians, slaves or not, are in the service business. We may view that service from the viewpoint of helping our fellow man, or from completing an obligation such as employment. If we like what we’re doing or if we care for who we are doing it for, we are more likely to render “goodwill” service. To make sure that “goodwill” is the only service a Christian renders, Paul says that we are rendering our services not to men but to Jesus.

We’re not serving our boss or our employer, we’re serving Jesus, himself. It’s not our neighbor or friend or even our family we are rendering service for, but Jesus. That should change the way we do everything we do for other people. So, it’s not our enemy we’re helping, not the down and out we’re feeding or clothing. All these ministries Christians are involved in appear to be other-oriented but in fact, the “other” turns out to be none other than Jesus.

Think how influenced we would be if we considered the attitude, personality, and reaction of those we served. We might withhold service because we didn’t like the person being served or we disagreed with them politically. The hungry one might have a different religion or speak a different language. The naked person might be from a land where our enemy lives. When we just render service as to the Lord and not to men, then none of those criteria enter into our decision to serve.

Serving Jesus is a pleasure. Serving Jesus is fun. Serving Jesus is a wonderful opportunity. We should become excited when serving Jesus opportunities show up.

Task for Today: Quit thinking about the identity of the people you serve. See them with one face, the face of Jesus. Don’t question their need or if they deserve it. Friend, enemy or stranger, they all wear the face of Jesus. With goodwill (a big smile), serve Jesus.

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