The Opportunitist

“…and do not give the devil an opportunity.” (Eph. 4:27)

We don’t even have to ask “What opportunity?” We know who the Devil is and what he wants. Even so, we continue to open the door of opportunity to the beast.

There are those who ignore opportunities. Like, say, the opportunities to feed the hungry or visit the sick, even sharing the good news. The Devil is not one of those who ignores, however. Peter says he is a roaring lion and walks about looking for an opportunity to eat Christians and non-Christians up. The word Peter uses is “devour.”

Like a lion, he pounces on his prey, and once he has them, he devours them. Best way to avoid being eaten alive by the Devil is to stay far away from him. Don’t visit his streets. Don’t call his name as it were. Don’t give him a chance to mess around with you.

Another way to view this passage is to change the word opportunity to place. Don’t give the Devil a place. There must be no room for him in our homes, our cars, our jobs. No place at the table or the game or the TV. No place for the Devil in our books or movies or music. He is dirty mouthed and filthy-minded, and he will poison us if we let him.

There is no room for the Devil in the Christian’s life. No time and nowhere. He must be banished at all costs. At the cost of a job, or friend or even family if they bring the Devil with them.

Give him an inch, and he will take a mile. The slightest opening he will enter and work until it is wider and wider. He will nibble and nibble until he can devour.

Task for today: Clean house, yard, car, cell phone and heart. Remove any vestige of opportunity or place. Give the Devil the old heave-ho and put out the no vacancy sign.

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