There is a popular premise circulating among unbelievers that from their point of view proves there is no God. This conclusion is based on logic and logic is based on a premise. If the premise is accurate then the logic may well work. But, what if the premise is false or at least questionable?

Let’s look at their premise. It goes something like this: “If God is good and if God is all powerful then evil should not exist?” Here’s how the logic works: “Either God is not good even though he is all powerful or God is all powerful but not good. If God is not good or if God is not all powerful then he is not God. Since evil exist there is no God.”

Given the premise the logic seems fair. We have to ask, however, what if the premise is false. What if we set up this premise, “God is good and God is all powerful and he allows evil to exist so that man may see his holiness.”? Right away you can see the failure of the atheist’s premise. It assumes that God would want to destroy evil if he could and that he would have done it as soon as it appeared. On the other hand, suppose we assume that God does want to destroy and will destroy evil when he is ready to do so. Since both are assumptions, one is as valid as the other.

Here’s another assumption that would work: “There is an evil power in the world who is responsible for all of the evil that occurs and that evil power is subject to God. When God is ready he will eliminate the evil power.”

Here then is logic by Philip. God is good and God is all powerful and God hates evil but allows it so that mankind has a choice of which to follow. When the time for judgment comes evil and all who follow it will be cast into darkness and those who chose God will be rewarded with an evil free world. Therefore, even though evil does exist temporarily because God is good and all powerful, God is waiting his time to destroy it. Since evil exists only temporarily, there is a God.

“The fool has said in his heart there is no God.” God cannot be dismissed by man’s logic nor by his unbelief. One cannot possibly define evil without having good to measure it against. If there is no God, then there is no evil. There is also no good. Without a greater being man is an animal without morals; he knows neither evil nor good only what he selfishly desires for himself. Love and hate, good and evil become abstract ideas without any way to determine which is good and which is evil.

Societies fed their children to beasts, sold their children into slavery, stole, raped and murdered and thought it was good. Without God telling us what is good and what is evil we would have to say they were right. Without God, “every man does what is right in his own eyes.” Without a higher power that is good and not evil there can be no sense of what is right or wrong. There’s some logic for you.

I believe in evil. I see it everywhere. I also believe in God, I see him everywhere.


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