Every now and then you run into someone who likes to do it all alone. “I don’t need any help,” they say. Most of the time it is a child who’s learning to tie their shoe or button their dress. “Let me do it,” is their request. But from the very beginning, it was recognized that having help is a good thing.

Not long after we were married our washer went on the blink and I had no idea how to repair it. We had no extra funds to call a repair service. Bill Nace, a wonderful Christian brother, came over and walked me through the repairs. Later, he helped with a car repair. Over the years countless brothers and sisters in Christ have helped us with various projects or problems.

Few of us are born knowing how to do everything and that is why we need helpers. After God had placed Adam in the Garden of Eden and assigned him his work detail God saw that while all the other creatures had someone, Adam was alone. He had no one to help him. God solved this problem easily, “I will make a helper suitable for him.”

Not only did God think it wise to make Adam a helper he made a helper that was suitable. In case we miss that it is repeated later in Chapter 2. “But for Adam, no suitable helper was found. I hesitate to think about what a woman would be like if God had asked Adam to design his own helper. No, God put Adam to sleep. Adam had absolutely no input in the helper God created. Here’s what we do know and it is very important, God created the right design for helping Adam.

Please don’t get the idea that God was thinking of the hard work Adam had to do. Nope. At that stage, no one sweated from their brow. Taking care of the garden was a snap and I don’t mean peas necessarily. The helper was created because it wasn’t good for Adam to be alone. Loneliness is a terrible thing. God knew that. He created a helper who would be there by Adam’s side (pun intended).

Marriage is a dual relationship. How the actual physical work load is divided is not important, it can vary from time to time and situation to situation. Marriage is a helping situation. Husbands need wives and wives need husbands. I know that not only from personal experience but because that is why he made man and woman and married them to each other.

This is for the men. Your wife is a companion/helper. She was created differently than you for a reason.  Who would want a copy of themselves for a mate? You probably don’t understand the difference. It may be some comfort to know that you don’t have to. God does and he never makes mistakes. Thank God for giving helpers, life would be so difficult without them.

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