The Promise Box

Last night I was reading an “exciting” book on exegesis when the author pointed out that we can’t use the Bible like we would “The Promise Box.” I’m probably the only religious blogger on the planet who had no idea what he was talking about. So I did what most intelligent writers do, I asked my wife what the guy was referring to. She gave me a brief answer so I asked her to look it up. Turns out the religious world has boxes on their tables with cards on them and the cards each have one of the promises of God. Each day they draw a card from the box and read the promise. That reminds them that God is looking out for them.

I’m only 79 so I have a lot to learn but I was glad to add promise boxes to my knowledge base. I appreciate the promises of God myself, in fact, one of my long time favorite songs is Standing on the Promises. In a world of trouble, believing that God will do all the good things he’s promised is very comfortable.

There are so many promises that a box full of them would help keep them at the forefront. I was happy to see that for the newer generations there is a promise box app. Of course.

But back to the author’s point about using the Bible as a promise box. His point I think had something to do with picking and choosing. When we read only a portion of the Word we can get a little one sided. It might be like the blinders they used on the horses and mules in the “good ole days”.

When God brought the people in, he split them up into two groups. On one side there was the reading of the promises and on the other side a reminder of the curses.  There are many stories in the Bible that illustrate how God takes care of his people and there are many stories in the Bible that illustrate what happened when his people became complacent and failed to keep their half of the contract.

I don’t think a “cursing box” would be popular and I’m sure there isn’t an app. However, it doesn’t hurt to be reminded that among God’s promises, is the promise to bring wrath upon the disobedient, casting the unbelievers into everlasting darkness. Don’t like to think about it? Me neither, but it’s there. The Bible would be a much shorter book if all it contained were the good promises. Just a reminder, that’s all. Now go back to your “Promise Box.”

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