Title Bout: God vs Evil

I have recently finished reading Between Shades of Gray by Ruta Sepetys. It was a book I wanted to put down. It was also a book I couldn’t put down. The story is mostly true and is a sad commentary on the cruelty of evil men without God and a wonderful commentary on the strength of the human spirit who knows God.

The story is about the the 1,000’s of Lithuanians who were snatched from their homes and shut up in box cars for the long trip to Siberia. The story is of one particular family and how they managed to survive in spite of the most horrendous circumstances and treatment.

The deeds of Hitler’s Germany against Jews almost pale in comparison to the twenty million people killed by Stalin’s Russia. Millions more, like the people from the Baltic States were sent into exile and slave labor in the frozen wastelands of the Russian hinterland. Many of them died or were killed.

When God is absent from a nation’s leaders and then its people, they are capable of unbelievable horrors. It is the religion of Jesus and Jesus alone that teaches love and respect for fellowman. Without God, the thoughts and intents of the hearts of men is evil continuously. Without God there are no rules except the rule of the strongest and most evil. History has shown us this over and over.

Without God there is no hope for the nations or for mankind. Without God there is no hope for America or any other country in this world. Even a casual reading of the Old Testament prophets will sustain that fact. Fewer and fewer people in this country are calling on God, believing on God. When God is forgotten then Satan is allowed free reign. Will history repeat itself in America? As long as the people of America chase after false gods and deny the God of heaven there can be no other outcome.

However, there is something that can be done. Christians can mobilize and spread the news of Jesus. Christians can fall on their knees and ask God for deliverance. ¬†Christians can show the same willingness to fight evil that the people of the Baltic’s did. We must not lose hope but we must not hide our faith. We are engaged in a war on every street, in every house. We must fight to the death or be taken captive by Satan. The Evil One does not rest nor give respite. He does not negotiate truces. We must fight him or be taken captive. This is a war we must not lose and if we wear the whole armor of God, we will not lose.

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