I Had a Dream

Last night I had the most interesting dream. I was standing in front of a stadium like crowd with a microphone in my hand and everyone was waiting for me to sing. I started one of my favorite country songs but somewhere in the middle I forgot the words. I started another one and then another one but each time I got to the middle of the song I would have to stop. The crowd was growing restless and I was totally embarrassed.

Then I started to sing, “How Great Thou Art” and even though in real life I don’t know all the words I made it through the entire first stanza. With each word more and more of the crowd joined me in singing this beautiful hymn. By the time we got to the chorus the entire stadium was on its feet praising God with this beautiful hymn. I could see people with hands upraised and I could see people crying. It was very moving. I was moving my hands as though directing this great choir of voices. My own voice was lost in the volume of sound that arose from the stands. 

I  sang the first line of the chorus, tears running down my cheeks and woke up. I didn’t get to finish the song. I want to finish it now.

“Then sings my soul, my Savior God, to Thee:

How great Thou art, how great Thou art!

Then sings my soul, my Savior God, to Thee:

How great Thou art, how great Thou art!”

What a beautiful song. I lay there in bed for some time thinking about the dream and the song. I wanted to have the dream again but when I went back to sleep it was gone. This morning when I woke up I thought about the dream. In real life I have never heard singing like I did in the dream. I began to wonder how many voices would be joined together in heaven. What an amazing sound that would be, all the saved and thousands upon thousands of angels praising God.

Last Sunday at Westgate church of Christ the singing was like that only we had a few less angels with us I think. It made chills run up and down your back. Just a prelude to heaven. If we could sing like that every week the building would be overflowing. Can’t get closer to heaven than that.

Does anyone know how to get a dream to repeat itself? I would like the last part to play again.

“Then sings my soul, My Saviour God, to Thee”

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