Since Ancient Times…

We don’t know the exact date but it was early on, maybe as early as the fall. But somewhere back in ancient times mankind made an idol and called it god. When you consider the things man has turned into gods and worshiped it boggles the mind. In just a few short years after the close of the garden the serpent was able to talk man into worshiping false images. From the majestic sun to the scraggly goat and everything in between man fell to his knees in reverence.  By the time of Rachel’s departing from Laban idols were so popular that people had their own god in their house. Not just one, but often times there were many. Laban asked Rachel, “But why did you steal my gods?”

I won’t spend time commenting on how a god could be stolen but it seems obvious to me. What I want to talk about is the combined knowledge that people gained from following these false gods. In all the years from Adam to Isaiah what had the world learned about their gods? A popular saying today is “How’s that working for you?”.  Did those gods feed them, protect them and more importantly love them?

Isaiah answers the question by giving us three ways to evaluate God. Since ancient times…

  1. no one has heard
  2. no ear has perceived
  3. no eye has seen

What? Any God other than God who…

1. acts on behalf of those who wait for him

2. comes to help those who do right

This is from Isaiah 64:4. Isaiah makes it plain, idols cannot do what God does. Yet here we are 1000’s of years later still trying to find our way by worshiping lesser gods. Gods that don’t hear, perceive or see. Gods that don’t act on our behalf or help us when we do right. More often than not they act against us and harm rather than hurt.  What is our god? What do we think about, give money to and spend time with? Worse of all, is it possible that our god is ourselves? What do we love? With all our heart, mind, strength and soul? Where is our treasure?

For some it’s pleasure, and for some it’s gold. For some it’s self-satisfaction or worldly acclaim. Gods, all. But there is no God but Jehovah and he is a very jealous God.





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