Substance, Expectation, Evidence

These three words are the basis of faith. Faith is the substance. It’s the stuff. When I am offered stuff and it is handed to me I expect to receive it. I have faith that the stuff I’m receiving is the same stuff I expect to receive. Faith is the complete understanding that no counterfeit will be substituted for the real substance I am expecting. Some versions use hope instead of expectation but we have to make sure we are understanding the implication of that word. We may all have had hopes that certain things would happen but we really didn’t expect them to happen. We just hoped. Faith is not that kind of hope. Faith in God is based on expectation that what has been promised will be delivered.

Faith is also evidence. It is knowing that something is true or real even though there is no physical evidence. We must understand that because there is no physical evidence doesn’t mean that truth does not exist. Because it can’t be proven physically doesn’t mean it doesn’t exist. Faith is knowing without proof. Faith is knowing, it’s having non-physical evidence that it is real and true. We can exchange the word believe for the word know. “I know that my redeemer lives,” is how the Christian expresses faith.

When we put these words together; substance, expectation, evidence we have the basis for faith. Faith becomes knowledge which gives us trust. When I say I believe in God, I am saying I trust in God. I have no proof that he will do this or that but if he tells me he will then I trust him. I expect that the substance will be mine and his word is all the evidence I need.

Faith without trust is a lot like faith without works. We do works because we believe in the one who created the works for us to do. Faith demands action and the first and most important action is to trust.

Do you trust God? If so, are you willing to let go?

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