Justice, mercy and humility.

In Micah 6 God ask Judah questions about what it would take to please him. All sorts of good things are rejected. Its not that God doesn’t want them to do good things. On the contrary, God expects his people to always be involved in good works. He expects our behavior to be circumspect. But good works, good things, are not the answer for our hearts. We can do good works, pray, sacrifice, etc. and have lips that say one thing and hearts that say another.

In verse 8 Micah tells us the three things that God really wants from his people. These three things are not only good in the sight of God, they are his requirements for his people.

One: act justly. Don’t cheat or lie. Don’t take advantage of others. Be fair in all your dealings with the world whether they are fair with you are not.

Two: love mercy. Give everyone the benefit of  the doubt. Go the extra mile. Forgive even if not asked to. Forget it as well. Take pity on the weak and helpless. Give to the poor. Don’t just do these things, but love to do these things. It will take a change of heart for most of us to love mercy.

Three: walk humbly with God. Sometimes we have a problem remembering who is in charge of the universe and thus in charge of us. Following God requires a denial of self. Most humans have trouble denying themselves. We love ourselves for the most part and see our selves as the center of the universe which of course revolves around us. Saying ‘all of thee and none of me’ requires a lot of practice and faith. Can we be truthful in saying “I’ll go where you want me to go and do what you want me to do.”?

Walking humbly with God requires the voice of Samuel, “Speak Lord, your servant hears.” It requires putting the following statement on the top of our personal wish list.

“I wish to do what God wants before I do what I want.”

Prayer for today. “Lord help me treat everyone with all honesty today. And, Lord, make me a person who loves being merciful to all those around me. Most important, Lord, let me forget myself and my foolish pride and give my life in total submission to your will today.”

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