Whence cometh love?

Science makes a great attempt at explaining the origin of life. They deny purposeful creation and replace it with creation accident. Today we are led to believe that a great accident happened and life occurred. They tell us that the God story is too fanciful to believe. For them something stirring up the sea explains it all.  What it doesn’t explain of course is how the sea got there in the first place. The sudden appearance of a live cell is believable but it doesn’t explain stars and an orderly universe. They are just there.

My question though is how does modern science explain love. How did mankind, once he crawled up out of the mire and worked his way up to standing on two feet learn to love. What evolutionary process caused this emotional response in human beings. Where in the chain did love show up? Was it reptiles? I think not. Do snails and roaches love? How is it that we find love at its highest when we find beings associated with humans.

I am not speaking of filial love. I’m not discussing parental love and responsibility. The question I’m asking has to do with love for another when there is not relationship. Two people who share the emotion of love and are willing to give their all for the other one. Not the defense mechanism of  one animal for it’s offspring or family. What evolutionary link brought that to the fore? Was love necessary for survival? Did the fittest survive only because they loved? If so, then how did the haters survive.

I have a better explanation. Its found in 1 John 4:7. “Dear friends, let us love one another, for love comes from God.” The source of love is actually the source of life. Sorry, modern scientists, life was planned, not accidental. Love was shared not developed over a million years. We love because God loved. It is not an evolutionary process. Can’t be explained by science.

Thank you God for loving us so that we could know love and share it with others.

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