“Keep me as the apple of your eye;” (Ps. 17:8)

This request from the Psalmist closely follows a request to see the wonders of God’s great love. I think they are closely related in the Psalmist eyes. Show me wonders, keep me as the apple of your eye. This request is followed by another one which says “…hide me in the shadow of your wings…”

What I get from this first of all, is that this prayer of David is for the closest possible relationship with his God. The three things he asks for all call for God to take him in and shower him with love. They also tell me that David was confident of God’s love and so he doesn’t ask for love but just to see the wonders that love produces. He seeks God’s favor and he seeks God’s protection. Both of these are products of that wondrous love.

Today, we have evidence of that wondrous love in the picture of the cross. Those who come to Jesus, the Son of God, become the apple of God’s eye and are hidden in the shadow of his wings. It’s a part of the John 3:16 announcement. God’s love poured out in the blood of his son, wondrously cleansing me of sin and making me one of God’s chosen people, keeping me from the evil one.

Because I responded to his call to believe in Jesus and be buried with him in baptism I now enjoy not only the wonder of salvation but I am treasured as the apple of God’s eye. My adversary seeks me to devour me but he can’t touch me because I am hidden in the shadow of God’s wings. Oh, such love, such wondrous love.

Today we sing a new song, a song of joy and a song of victory. Today we sing a new song of love and salvation. Those who have been washed in the blood sing of Christ their redeemer. Today we are safe in the arms of Jesus, the shadow of God’s wings.

Are you singing your new song? Try the following themes:

Wondrous love. (Gift of God)

Favorite children. (Apple of his eye)

Safe from all harm. (Shadow of his wings)

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