“The women who proclaim the good news are a large number.” (Psalm 68:11)

What an impressive scripture, an impressive thought. We often think of men proclaiming the good news and not enough credit is given to the women of God for their work in sharing Jesus. For centuries men put women in the background where they were to be silent and stay out of men’s business. This wasn’t and isn’t a God thing, its a man thing. The stories of God’s use of women to accomplish his purpose are myriad.

This is true in the NT as well as the OT. It’s not the women who run away from the cross and they are still caring for Jesus after his death. Often the men were timid but the women braved scorn and ridicule to wash his feet with tears, anoint him with costly perfume and undo their hair in public to dry those same feet.

In the present century, perhaps we religious minded men, will finally give the women the place God gave them. In Christ there is neither male nor female. Women are  not second class citizens to be told to sit down and be quiet. They are teaching men and women the good news just like they did in Psalm 68. They are working with orphans and with reclaimed women who have been abused. They are not afraid to go to the jails and deal with the poor. In our time there has been no male Mother Theresa but there are many female ones.

We no longer live in a totally male dominated culture that led men to keep women silent in assemblies. God does not differentiate in his call for gospel proclaimers. Thank God for Timothy’s mother and grandmother and to all the other mothers and grandmothers who have planted the word in children’s hearts. They’ve planted it in the hearts of husbands as well. Many a man has been led to Christ by a faithful wife. Rather than discourage the women from sharing Jesus with others publicly or privately we should be encouraging them.

At Westgate where I attend we have a large number of talented young girls who have a heart for God and want to serve him and teach others. But as a rule, they, like many other girls have to go to a foreign country to be able to do this. I like to ask myself this question, “Why would it matter to God who I hear the good news from as long as I hear the good news?” Would a person be less saved if he was taught the gospel by a female instead of a man? I just don’t see any scriptural evidence that God intended women to stay home and stay quiet in regard to sharing Jesus.

What about what Paul said about women teaching a man? Same thing as Paul saying that women should have a head covering. Next Sunday try counting the hats, it won’t take many fingers. We dismiss that as a Paul thing but not the first statement. Paul was a product of his culture and when he encountered new cultures he reverted to his own. There is no ‘God said’, there is only ‘I, Paul said’. Too much evidence in the scriptures that God used women to speak for him in spite of what Paul thought. The Church community needs to rethink our “putting women in their place gospel.” How beautiful are the feet of those who spread the good news, male or female. The great commission to go into all the world and teach the good news wasn’t just for the men. Was it?

One thought on ““The women who proclaim the good news are a large number.” (Psalm 68:11)

  1. Thank you for this blog. We have a wonderful woman Pastor at my church, Tabernacle United Methodist Church. Her name is Lydia And she is a wonderful teacher as well as a Pastor!
    When you gave me your card this morning at Flowers I told you that I couldn’t wait to read your blog! I am so glad I did! Now I can’t wait to read your other blogs…..
    Susan White


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