“What do you seek?” (John 1:38)

This question was put to two disciples who were following Jesus. Its a good question I think for all of us to consider. Jesus has a lot to offer. He is the grace of God and we all need grace. He is the prince of peace and we all need peace. He is the redeemer of mankind and we certainly need redemption. He is the bread of life and we need bread to sustain us. He is the living water and we need something to quench our thirst. He promises eternal life and that is a goal for all of us, isn’t it. He is the way to God and we must admit that we have lost our way. Jesus is the truth and in a world of lies, truth would be a refreshing change for us.

Jesus is gentle and humble in heart and gives rest. In a world of turmoil and great unrest having the gift of gentle rests sounds good. Jesus is the Son of God and who doesn’t want to be in that kind of company on a daily basis? Jesus is the light of the world and who would want to live in darkness? Jesus claims to be the door and those who enter in through him have salvation. Surely, we want to be saved. He is the resurrection and the life and those who believe in him will live forever. Want eternal life? He is the true vine and those who make their life in him are great fruit bearers. Do we want a purposeful, productive life?

Jesus said he was not of the world. This may be a crucial point for us. We do like the world don’t we. What do you seek, he wants to know. If you seek me, Jesus is saying, you don’t get the world. Jesus offers the kingdom of God and Satan offers the kingdom of the world. When it was offered to Jesus he turned it down because he was not of the world. The kingdom of the world is being offered to us. What do we seek?  Listen to Jesus talk about God, “Seek you first his kingdom and his righteousness.” What do you get? All the things the gentiles were seeking (Matt. 6:31).

Jesus offers a lot. What do you seek?

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