Its a command…

Honor your father and mother is a part of the ten commandments. The most interesting thing about that to me is that God knew humans might not do it. It doesn’t seem possible does it? Not honor your parents? Yet, from time to time we hear of children stealing from their parents or abusing them in their old age. How can this be?

My parents had faults. On occasion my mom really exasperated me but the thought that I would not honor her is so foreign as to seem impossible. We are praying today for stronger families. My first thought about that is that it has to begin at the top. No offense ladies, but since the father is the biblical head of the house, I think it begins with him. Probably why Paul admonished fathers and not mothers.

Fathers lead, children follow. My father honored his father and so I honored him. My mother honored her father and so I honored her. I was taught respect for my grandparents and parents at the earliest age, maybe day one for all I know. I never thought to tell my parents no (except once but I’m a fast learner) or to sass them in anyway. I never made fun of them behind their backs because that would have been to dishonor them.

I tried to teach my children the same thing. As far as I know it worked. But consider this, this is not just a father’s and mother’s command it is a command of God. It’s found in the 20 chapter of Exodus for one place. Paul uses it in Ephesians as well. It’s called the first commandment with a promise. The promise is long life.

We pray today for families to be strengthened and that is a good prayer to pray. It would also be great if parents took the leadership in teaching their children the commandments of God. It would solve a lot of problems plaguing America today.

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