The fool has said…

1. there is no God. Foolish because the evidence of God is universal and can be viewed by everyone in every age. Foolish because God has made it plain for mankind to see. When man rejects God he rejects all the good things God has promised and opens himself to the punishment his sins deserve.

2. there is no Christ. Foolish because the evidence that Jesus came and lived is well known. Many things that Jesus said and did were witnessed by large groups of people. They cannot be denied except through blinded eyes and closed hearts.

3. there is no Spirit of God. Foolish because the Holy Spirit is the cause of the very breath man lives by. Without the Holy Spirit man is pure animal and has no conscience. To deny the Holy Spirit is the worse of the three denials and ultimately will leave one without recourse for their sinful life.

All men sin. The world has been and is filled with those who disobey God. The penalty for sin is eternal separation from God and man simply has not thought the horror of that through. Man must turn from his sin and cast himself upon the grace of God. That grace is extended through the gift of the Christ. The guarantee of that grace is provided by the Holy Spirit.

We urge all men everywhere to repent and accept the gift of God. Jesus the Christ made it plain. “Unless you believe that I am the son of God you will die in your sins.” Believe the Bible when it warns that it is a fearful thing to fall in the hands of a God of wrath. That wrath is reserved for non-believers. Those who believe, the non-foolish, will never know that wrath.

Today pray for sinful man to be convicted of his sin and come to Jesus that he might know the grace of God that saves him from the wrath to come.

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