What happened to Sodom and Gomorrah?

God heard an outcry from Sodom and Gomorrah that was very great. He told Abraham that the sin of those cities was exceedingly grave. Abraham was worried about the good people of the cities. He couldn’t imagine God destroying two large metropolitan areas if there were righteous people living there. That concern led him to plead to God to rescue the city if righteous people could be found. Abraham began with 40 and ended with 10.  Think about what this says about Sodom and Gomorrah and what it says about God.

First, there weren’t ten people in this huge mega-cities complex that were God loving and God living. How could that many people be so far gone from God? Like the world before the flood mankind was evil and his heart was evil and the entire world was against righteousness. Think of a nation that has so abandoned God that ten believers cannot be found. The number of nations destroyed by God are numerous as were their sins. When a city or a nation becomes too wicked it is subject to God’s judgment.

Second, God would have let the larger population of evil doers live for the sake of 10 righteousness.” God is not willing that any should perish but that all should come to repentance.” God is always looking for a remnant, be it only ten.

When a people lose their love for God they move themselves into a place of God’s wrath. God will not strive with man. The United States has long felt it had the protection of God and perhaps it has. But what happens when the number of the righteous dwindles and the number of the disbelievers increases? Is there a number God has in mind that he will save the nation for?

And what about the believers? What should they be doing about the evil of their nation? We are to pray for authorities in high places. We should also pray for the masses in low places. Both need to turn to God. Both need to repent and be restored. We join with the Psalmist and cry, “Restore us God.”


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