I found your words…

Jeremiah writes that the words of God were found and he ate them (Jer. 15:16). Perhaps we would use the term “devour” rather than ate. Either way, there is the suggestion that the words of God are food for the soul. We hear a lot about “soul food” and this is the original recipe.

Notice that Jeremiah says that the words changed his inner self rather than his physical self. We know he was discussing soul food by what change eating it brought. The words, he said, brought joy and delight to his heart. It makes me wonder why we are sad and despondent as a people. Jeremiah had been depressed about the situation of his people and his homeland but the word of God brought him joy and delight.

Jesus told us that man shouldn’t try to survive on just physical food (bread) alone but should also feed his inner being on the word of God (Matt. 4:4). The true manna from heaven was the Word and it is for the nourishment of our souls. The spirit of man cannot grow on a diet of bread it needs the sincere milk of the word. As it grows, it needs the meat of the word.

I thought it would be interesting to write our own statement about the word. Take a pen or pencil and write the heading on a piece of paper and then complete the sentence. Be honest with yourself and God.

Encourage someone else to “find the words.”

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