Forgetting in nothing His blessings to seek.

“God bless,” is a common greeting but it really is full of wonderful truth. There are two kinds of blessings really. One, is the kind that all the world benefits from. We all enjoy the beauty of the earth and the glory of the heavens. Every human is blessed with the continuing promise of spring and the resurrection of earth each year. The bounties of the globe are for the masses. No one owns the sunrise or the sunset. The rainbow is there for all to see. When God sent Jesus he sent him to the world at large. He came to die for every man. The love of God is for the whole world not just a select few. It is sad that so many ignore these wonderful blessings. Don’t do that.

Two, is the kind that his children receive and benefit from. While forgiveness is offered to all, only those who are adopted will receive it. The children are heirs with Christ, their elder brother and all the riches of heaven are theirs. The children receive the greatest blessing from God in the person of the Holy Spirit. When he comes into the believers inner self he makes that believer a temple of God. A temple is where God dwells. What a blessing, the presence of God in our lives.

Are you seeking the blessings of God. Jesus told us to seek and we would find. This is not a fruitless search, if we come to God he will in nowise turn us away. God wants to open the window of heaven and shower us with blessings this world can only dream of. Seek first the kingdom of heaven and all the blessings will be given to you. Our hope is a sure hope. In God’s house are many rooms and Jesus is preparing one for every child of is Father.

The greatest blessing of all is that one day he’s coming back to take us home to live with him. Now he lives in us but then we will live with him in his home. What a blessing. “Forgetting in nothing…”

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