Speak oft with thy Lord

Taking time to be holy begins the song tells us with prayer. While the verse suggest the frequency of prayer, that it should be often, the first line suggested taking time. Two wonderful ideas about prayer.

First, take time. When I was a teen ager my uncle Jim often led prayer at my home church. When the leader of the service called on him, I would cringe. Uncle Jim’s prayer could be as long as a sermon or so it seemed.  Most of the time the prayers were short. To the point but short. My uncle was in no hurry to quit talking to his God. My youthful problem was that I didn’t have enough problems (that I knew of) to talk that long to God about. I also didn’t appreciate what God had done for me enough to spend much time talking to him about it. Hopefully, I’ve grown some since then. I still can’t match Uncle Jim but I get a little more said that I did in those teen years. For one thing, I know about a lot of problems and most of them aren’t mind. There are so many needing prayer. When I was younger I use to sum it up, “Help all those who need you.”  That cut the long prayer short and covered everyone I thought.

When I became a shepherd a Westgate the shepherds would meet once a month at one of their houses and pray for the deacons, the Bible school teachers, the sick, the troubled, the preacher and so forth by name. It took a while. When that stopped I really missed it. We still prayed once a week but it wasn’t the same. I asked myself which prayer I would want, the lump in one, or the lengthy by name one. Guess which I chose. Which would you choose? Which do you do?

Second, do it often. We may think we are too busy but that is not the truth and deep down we know it. We don’t take the time because we don’t make the time. In truth we can pray in the bed before we get up, while we are in the bath room, during a shower, while we eat our breakfast and while we dry our hair. We can pray in the car, at a red light or a green one. We can pray between jobs and on every break. We all know why we don’t do this. Its not how we choose to spend our time. We have other “important” things to think about or the latest song to sing or…talk, text, and Facebook or Twitter.

Those things are fun. They are a part of life. We need communication and we need fun in our lives. We need all the things we do to some extent but not to the extent that we fail to take time to be holy by speaking often with our Lord. Right? Right!

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