Life of Joy

We live in a world filled with gloom and doom. Thirty minutes of national television watching and you will need an anti-depressant pill. This is especially true as we contemplate the far future. We call it doomsday, as if the end of life on earth or of earth itself was a major disaster looming over our heads. World cultures see life on earth as a miserable existence to be followed by something even worse, nothingness.

Live, drink and enjoy yourself for tomorrow you die. You only go around once, so life it to the fullest. Mankind is in constant search of happiness but like Solomon of old finds that in seeking it in manmade things it turns out to be the vanities of vanities. Mankind is so busy seeking something that he misses the thing that is right in front of his nose. We hear that we should stop and smell the roses and we are too busy looking for happiness to give it a try.

Jesus knew this. He witnessed it. And just what does he say about it? He says we can live joyfully on this earth in the here and now and then go on to joy without measure in the life to come. Why don’t we believe him? Why do we think Jesus offers a pie in the sky in the sweet by and by? Thinking that way leaves us desperately trying to find our pie on earth and search as we will, we will wind up like Solomon.

Jesus offers happiness beyond explanation now, today in fact. True happiness, real happiness. Jesus offers contentment which precedes happiness. Jesus offers fulfillment which is the key to happiness. Jesus offers peace which is the companion of happiness. Jesus offers the abundant life which is what people believe brings happiness.

In Jesus you can rejoice, not just occasionally but always.  In Jesus you can find joy and not temporary laughter but inner joy that fills your life. Not only joy now but joy in the future. Jesus said he would see us again and when he did our hearts would rejoice with a joy that no one could ever take from us (John 16;22). Don’t fear the end, it actually comes with greater joy than the unspeakable joy we have in the here and now. Joy on earth, greater joy in heaven.

Are you living the joy filled life? Get Jesus.

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