Who’s in Charge?

Sometimes we forget who is really in charge or at least we act like we do. We worry about a lot of things most of which we can’t do one single thing about. It’s as if we though worry could control the situation and change it. If the Bible is correct, we can’t change anything by worry including adding a day to our lives. This is not to say there is nothing to worry about.

I read the headlines in the paper, looked at the posts on Facebook and watched the evening news. I agree, there is lots to worry about. The President is causing a lot of people worry and those people who are railing against him are causing others to worry. The Left is worried about the Right. The moneyed people are worried about keeping it and the non-money people are worried about getting it. Too bad we don’t have time to consider the lilies of the field. Too bad we don’t trust God to provide leadership for the nation.

In fact, that really is worrisome. Why don’t we trust God? Is it because deep down inside us we don’t believe he is in charge of this world which includes the USA? I think about the story of Mary and Martha. Martha was worried about a lot of important things. She was especially worried about Mary. Like a lot of Americans today, she was worried about someone else. Remember what Jesus told her? It was good advice back then and good advice today.

It went something like this, “Martha you are so worried about so many things that you have lost sight of what is really important in life. One thing should have your attention. It’s the one thing that will last. Focus on me.”

Looking at another statement he made, “Seek the kingdom of God and He will provide the rest.” God is in charge folks. Executive Orders, laws from Congress, ranting and ravings for the left or the right will not put God’s agenda aside. I don’t trust the President, the Congress or any human on this earth, not even myself. I do trust God and he will, according to Abraham, “do what is right.”

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